Monday, June 24, 2013

The Heart which Beats Unseen

"Christian Dior's values were those of excellence in all that he undertook, of elegance and of craftsmanship reflecting his unique talent.  His mission was not only to make his clients  -- indeed all women -- more beautiful, but also to make them happy, to help them dream.  He saw himself as a magician who could give women confidence and make them ever more feminine, more sublime.  He believed in the importance of respect and in the capacity of this fundamental value not only to bring out the beauty in women, but also to bring out the best in all people....

The values that Monsieur Dior taught us are unchanged today.  Those values are carried on by the wonderful and diverse group of people within the House of Dior who devote all their talent and energy to achieving the ultimate in artisanship and femininity, respecting traditional skills and incorporating modern techniques.

The heart of the House of Dior, which beats unseen, is made up of its teams and studios, of its seamstresses and craftsmen, who work hard day after day, never counting the hours, and carrying on the values and vision of Monsieur Dior."   

Sidney Toledano, President and CEO of Christian Dior Couture, March 2011

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