Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Bond & Brook Afternoon Tea

Whenever I'm in London I start getting jittery to have tea.  I've been in London almost two weeks, and so I was due!  My friend Julie and I decided to have tea at Bond & Brook located in the department store, Fenwick.  Quite lovely to finish a long day shopping with some tea and pastries, no?
The restaurant has a modern, sleek feel to it.  The bar in the middle of the restaurant reminds me of the Tiffany bean line!  The back bookcases are full of fashion books, Vogue magazines, and large bottles of Chanel perfume.   I also love the placing of the lights on the ceiling -- has a bit of a starry night look.
We had lots of pots of loose leaf tea.  I always enjoy watching the server pour the tea through the tea strainer.  We enjoyed every last sip.  They also brought out a small bowl of M&M's -- which was a fun addition.
The pastries were quite good.  My favorite actually were the gingerbread cookies decorated as a dress and with a "B&B" for Bond & Brook.  It's been awhile since I've had gingerbread cookies, and these were yummy!
Scones and clotted cream.  Oh, sweet Lord.  Clotted cream is a deceptive little devil.  It tastes so light and fresh, but it's actually horrific for your health.  That small fact did not, of course, stop me from eating it.  
The tea sandwiches were quite tastey.  My favorite was the salmon sandwich -- the bread was a bit sweet, the cheese spread had a hint of herbs and I love smoked salmon.  Apparently Londoners love smoked salmon as well, because I seem to see it on every menu.
The remnants.  


  1. Hi Anne. What a fun and lovely blog! So glad that Julie posted the link on FB. I hope that high teas become part of your regular routine--very peaceful, delicious and rejuvenating. I noticed your comment above about Harrods, and sad to say that's very true. However, in 1971 (yes I know I'm ancient) it was quite a different story--a gorgeous dining room, sheer curtains floating at the windows in the cool breeze, wonderful tea and goodies, a pianist at the grande piano and a time not to be forgotten. Love your photos! Best wishes for all good things to come.

    1. I am so happy to hear from you, and thank you for the nice compliments! I do hope to make Afternoon Tea a regular occurrence. I love the tradition of taking some time each day. And thank you for sharing your wonderful memories of Harrods -- it sounds like it was absolutely lovely.


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