Wednesday, July 24, 2013

I Worship at the Altar of the Liberty Department Store

I live and die for Liberty Department Store.  Look, I admit that I'm mildly obsessed with Liberty.  Some may quibble with the term "mildly," but I feel that "mildly" is an appropriate qualifier there.  I am "completely" obsessed with Real Housewives.  I am "mildly" obsessed with Liberty.  In law school, I did, in fact, stalk the local Target waiting for the new Liberty collection, and I do own half a dozen Liberty scarves even though I don't really wear scarves.  Nonetheless, I'm sticking with "mildly."

Liberty is the best department store that God ever made.  They have a lovely spot to eat, an incredible fragrance department where you can create a signature scent, and their clothing selections are unique and pushing the envelope a bit.  Liberty also is known for their incredible fabric print collection, and so I've featured the two store departments that showcase this collection -- the Scarf Hall and the Haberdashery.  Behold the wonder that is Liberty!


  1. Generally not a fan of hard, patterned luggage, but I kind of want some of those suitcases.

    1. Hey lady! I literally feel the exact same way, but these are pretty darn amazing. Hope you're doing well!


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