Monday, July 15, 2013

Cheese, Cheese and Juice

I was reading an article about Ina Garten the other day, and in it, she waxed poetic about Borough Market.  I hadn't heard of the market before, but I'm never one to pass up a good food experience.  I went during the week, and it was as busy as ever.
I love the green structure of the market, the detailed ironwork and the decorative ornamentation.  I am finding in London that everyday objects -- such as railings, stairways, window frames -- are not viewed simply for their utility but rather they also are viewed as an opportunity to create beauty. This quality has only further endeared London to me.
This stall was operated by Elsey and Bent, and had so many amazing fresh fruits.  I loved finding the gooseberries, as I've never seen them outside of a pie before.  When I worked for Congressman Ike Skelton, one of his constituents would give Ike two gooseberry pies each year, and so I have had my fair share of gooseberries!
Many stalls were selling cups of cherries!
A couple of stalls sold olives, but I loved Borough Olives' display with the big barrels and ladles.
Tartufaia specializes in truffles, and, in fact, imports them from Italy.  People constantly were coming up to smell the bowl of fresh truffles.  When people took off the lid, you could smell the incredible truffles from several feet away.
Countless stalls were selling freshly pressed juice, and not just the stalls that sold fresh produce.  Everywhere I looked people were carrying and drinking their fresh juices.  Chegworth Valley sold these juices, and they looked so good!
Instead of getting a juice, I hopped over to the Total Organics stall and got a wheatgrass smoothie.  It consisted of orange, lime, apple, banana, and you guessed, it wheatgrass.  Holy Toledo, the smoothie was awesome, and such a good call during this warm London weather!
But if you're not in the mood for juice, why not try a Prosecco Spritzer?  A few places sold these drinks.  I love the color and the little leaf in these cups.
Bread Ahead Bakery's stall had so many amazing looking breads and baked goods, I didn't even know where to begin.  I died for these amaretti cookies.  They were my mom's favorite kind of cookie, and they literally melted in my mouth. 
When I first headed into Borough Market, I expected that I would find mostly fruit and vegetable stands.  Not the case at all.  Without comparison, most of the stalls are selling cheese.  I basically died and went to heaven.
The French Comté sold these cheeses.  I had fun trying the different aged cheeses.  The staff was quite knowledgeable and helpful, and this stall always was buzzing with people.
So many different shapes and sizes of cheeses!  Mons Cheesemongers' stall definitely wins in the presentation department.  I particularly liked the packaging of this Mistralou cheese.
The Bath Soft Cheese Co. offered a great selection of cheese, and the man running the stall was super about answering questions.  But honestly, I just loved their logo because it had a touch of whimsy to it.
I loved this New Forest Cider stall.  It was essentially lunchtime during the week, and loads of people were having a beer.  So many British traditions -- afternoon tea, elevenses, midday beers at pubs -- show the Brits' ability to take a moment during the day to relax.  I might just have to bring this tradition back with me to America.


  1. I think it's kind of rude that you didn't bring me a cup of cherries and a Prosecco spritzer. NEED THOSE NOW.

  2. Yeah Ina knows her you-know-what because this place looks awesome. Add it to the list.

    1. On the list! You would have loved all the juice action there!

  3. Mmmmm, love an afternoon spent in Borough Market. The cheese toasties are the best! And the duck sandwiches and fresh fruit and I could go on. Can't believe this is the first time I'm seeing your blog. I'm enjoying it!

    1. Thanks so much! I basically ate cheese and juice all afternoon - ha!


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