Thursday, July 11, 2013

Observations from London

Pedestrians vs. Cars:  Whereas in America, we are used to pedestrians having the right of way as against cars, in London, cars most certainly have the right of way.  I watch pedestrians get almost-hit every single day.  Which is an interesting experience.

Veggie Lovers Paradise:  Vegetarian and vegan eating options abound in London!  Every restaurant at which I have eaten has a good sized vegetarian section, and countless restaurants are exclusively so.  All of these options has made me very thankful for veggie-friendly stalwarts in Kansas City that are in close proximity to my home such as Green Acres Market, Cafe Gratitude and Blue Bird Bistro.

My Own Garden:  Everyday, somehow or another, I walk by or through Kensington Gardens.  I am getting rather spoiled.  I must have my own English country garden someday.

Eat the Cookie Dough:  In London, they don't refrigerate their eggs -- in the grocery store, in restaurants or at home.  Any lingering concerns I had about eating raw cookie dough are now gone.

Off-Leash:  Almost all of the dogs in the Royal Parks are off-leash.  And they are perfectly behaved.  They don't go after other dogs, people or squirrels.  They stay close to their owner; and when they do frolic, they come right away when called.

Vegas Casino:  Harrods is like a Vegas Casino.  Hardly any windows, difficult to find exits, and lots of flashing lights.  I'm headed to Liberty.


  1. How have the locals been towards you? I'm curious to know what the fashion trends are there now.

    1. Hey lady! The locals are incredibly nice and helpful. Fashion trends: First of all, I'm going to start my Tube Fashion scouting in a couple of days, we'll see what I find! Second of all, lots of flowered, short sundresses; lots of very tight patterned pants; the patterned pajama pant trend; and metal plating/beading on shirts.

  2. Very interesting. I was hoping you'd have a fashion series! Miss you!


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