Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Welcome Home from a Mini-Orchestra

This, my friends, is why I love living in a big city.  After traipsing around Blenheim Palace's grounds for five hours and spending four hours on trains and buses, all I wanted to do when I pulled into Paddington Train Station late Friday evening was to catch my last Tube ride home.  But as I got off the train, I was greeted by a mini-orchestra, the Paddington Band.

The band consisted of mainly older men who enthusiastically played cheerful music.  People in the train station came over, in and out, to listen for a moment or two, a brief respite before going home.  I stood there for a few minutes, tired with achey feet and heavy shoulders, lost in the bursting music, watching the musicians dive into their notes.  And I couldn't help but smile to myself.  Life has been good to me.

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